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Running Quake and Quake II

Mon 23rd November 1998.

As you may have noticed, the server has been experiencing various problems, especially 'Wrong map version' ones. This has been tracked to a problem with the hard drive, which we are in the process of replacing. Problems should in theory then go away. In the meantime there will be some server downtime for the replacement.

Mon 16th November 1998.

There's now some more information about how to join and run the games, see the main page for details. We have been busily hunting (in between project work / other bits of degree / designing the next generation of acronyms) new and exciting quake II levels, they'll be around sometime over the next week for your delight and delectation...

Wed 12th November 1998.

The testing of the q2 server is now finished, and there is an experimental quake server up and running, games for both servers are now listed on the games page with details such as maps and number of players. Note - this does not update instantly, so the number of players may lag behind a bit. For the quake server, you will need to have QuakeWorld installed, you can get it from, you need the file called qw230.exe for intel based machines.

Wed 4th November 1998.

Okay, the server Baphomet is now up and running, we have a website and all we need now are some players :-)
Beta-testing begins with a 'carefully selected' group of players consisting of everyone we could think of who we slightly trust / want to kill.

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