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Welcome to the website of the only officially tolerated Cambridge University Quake Server, providing for the needs of stressed students, staff and academics twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. What better way to unwind after a stressful examples class than to log on and blow some people away?


You can find more information about the server, and just plain chat and gossip on all things quake-like on both our newsgroup, or on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The details for these are as follows :

Newsgroup :
IRC : #cam_quake on

Quick start...

To get in with the carnage immediately, go to the Games tab on the left - you'll find information on currently running games there. Unless you have the latest version of Quake or Quake II and are only planning on playing the straight deathmatch games, you will need to obtain some upgrades first. Fortunately, we have compiled this handy table of links to make your life easier....

Quake IIOfficial Quake II patchesGet the latest version suitable for your machine
Capture the FlagQuake II patches and levels for ctfYou'll need either q2ctf102.exe for windows or for anything else.
Action QuakeAction Quake ModYou need actn10cl.exe for Windows or for others.
Action Quake MapsYou don't need these, as the game can send them to you, but everything works much faster if you download them yourself. You should get the files Mappack.exe, Mappack2.exe and TeamPack.exe
Action Quake WebsiteFor more information....
Catch the Chicken!Catch the Chicken ModYou'll need the files and for this..
Catch the Chicken WebsiteEverything you ever wanted to know about the art of running away..


The server is currently running a variety of Quake and Quake 2 servers, with experimental Quake 3 and Half Life games. The games page should have details as to exactly which games are running at any given time.

Evil Admins

We are... Messages of congratulation, large denomination banknotes etc are more than welcome :-)


We'd like to thank Dr Walker, CS D.o.S at Queens for pushing the idea (and buying us drinks - it never hurts), Queens' college for providing a place to put the machine and somewhere to plug it in (oh, and for being undoubtedly the best college in the place), the Computing Service for allocating a distinctive DNS name and agreeing to our terms of operation, and of course the various people who have donated / lent hardware for the server itself.


This project is entirely supported by volunteer effort and private finance. No public money was or is being used to support this project. This project is not an officially supported service either of the University of Cambridge or of the hosting College.

No resources of the University of Cambridge or of the hosting College are being used by this project, other than the staff time in allocating network numbers and names, and agreeing the terms under which this project is conducted. The continued tolerance of this project is based on there being spare network bandwidth within Cambridge which can be utilised by this project with no cost implications for the institutions which fund the network.

Last modified: Fri May 14 1999