Cambridge Death Server Game List Page

This page shows a list of the currently running games on the server.
Information on how to join the Quake and Quake II games is given below the table of active servers.

Active Servers

Port Number DescriptionMapPlayers
Quake 1 Games
Quake II Games
Quake III Games
Half Life Games

Joining Quake Games

  1. Get Quakeworld if you haven't got it already
  2. Run the Quakeworld client program (it's qwcl.exe)
  3. Type in : connect, where portnumber is taken from the list above...
  4. Kill people. Thoroughly.

Joining Quake II Games

  1. From the main menu (in Quake II) select 'Multiplayer'
  2. Select 'join game'
  3. Select 'addressbook'
  4. Add '' where portnumber is taken from the list above.
  5. Select 'refresh'
  6. Join your chosen game, and enjoy!