Cambridge Death Server Contacts Page

Running Quake and Quake II

Server Problems

If there are any hideous problems (can't get to the server etc) then first check : If none of the above applies then you need to email one of us...

For problems involving the server software

Email : Ben Mansell - 'Mr Magoo' with details of exactly what happened, and ideally sample text from the Quake II console.

For problems involving connecting to the server at all

Email : Tim Deegan - 'Tinman', again with as much detail as possible.

For website problems and general suggestions

Email : Tom Oinn - 'Redeye'. I will try to reply to everything but don't take it personally if I don't; the same applies to the others - we've all got other things to do as well you know :-)

Otherwise.... the news page for details of anything particularly groovy going down in the immediate future.
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